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Use our  optimization and audit programs to unlock the power in your current system

No Switch. No Hassle. Huge Savings.

Our Optimization & Audit Program

Visa and Mastercard have implemented B2B specific rate programs designed to provide businesses a break in their processing fees.  By providing additional information related to an individual transaction, merchants are able to securely significant lower rates on the most expensive Card Types.

Are you under contract with your current processor? Have your fees increased for seemingly no reason?  CardSmart’s Optimization & Audit program service will pull back the curtain on what is real + what are junk fees.

With CardSmart's Optimization & Audit Program, we will be able to take a deep dive into your current payment acceptance method to identify and isolate any room for optimization. Our goal at CardSmart is to provide you with the absolute best payment acceptance solution for your business, and sometimes that means keeping the bones of your current operations. 

Team of consulting auditors auditing the financial report data of the company (balance she

Our Optimization& Audit Program

A Comprehensive look

To formulate or solution, our optimization speacialists will examine your current system and point out to you both the good and the bad. 

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Access to detailed reporting

CardSmart's dedicated reporting centers give merchant users a high-level overview of your business’s payments in real-time, or drill into each transaction to conduct refunds, voids, or resend and reprint receipts.

Improve efficiency

Would you believe how many line items on a merchant statement may be unnecessary or Junk Fees?  Qualification not as good as it could be?  Reading between the lines is what we do best.

Dedicated Account management

When utilizing the optimization program, you will have access to a dedicated team of account managers. Our account managers are ready to walk you through the process, step by step.

Lower rates

CardSmart's Optimization and Audit program will save your business lots of lost money over junk fees and other inefficiencies in your current payment acceptance method.

To get an accurate savings quote just reach out.

Update Legacy Equipment

Eliminated inefficiency in your payment acceptance systems by upgrading your legacy systems and installing compliant equipment.

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Integrated Systems

Have integrated software you want to keep? Great we will make sure your system continues to operate with no inefficiency.

Don't have integrated software? No worries, we can help.


At CardSmart we believe in transparency. That is why all of our solutions are completely transparent and easily understandable. We make sure that you can see all the moving pieces in your process and understand the solution.

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